Open Water Swimming

We are currently open Sunday mornings 8-9 for the winter season until April 9th


Whether you are a competitive swimmer, a triathlete or just enjoy "wild swimming", Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Club invite you to make use of the brand new open water swim sessions starting from April 1th through until September 2022. All the information need is in the link below


1. The swim times this season will be :
Mondays - 6pm - 8.00pm

Wednesdays - 6am - 8.45am

Thursday - 6pm - 8pm (May 26th - Sept)

Sundays - 7am - 9.45am

2. Sign in and sign out process
We run a lake management system to help us cope with the large numbers of swimmers we experience on some of the days, especially the sunny ones but not only!

This system will:
- help you sign in and out much faster and
- help us knowing exactly how many people are in the water at all times and deploy the safety team necessary.

All in all, you won’t see much change from your side, apart from a one-off chipped wristband purchase for the whole season at the start.
 This wristband will be yours to keep and replace our numbered elastic bands. You will need to wear it on arrival to scan in as you pay and scan out again when you exit the water.
 The chip will hold your basic details, emergency details and any relevant medical information as well as info on multiple swim purchases and wetsuit hire. So it should save on coin transactions too.

We know it means an £12 up-front payment from your part, but we really think it will enhance your experience, cut out the fiddly bits and queuing and support us in improving your safety. We thought about this at lengths, but we really think it will be good and better. We hope you think so too.

Here is how to get your season 2021 chipped wristband.

- Go to this website :

If you don’t do this and have to sign up when you get to the lake, it may delay your entry into the water.

Below is a list of benefits of using this system for our swimmers.

i.Provide your lake with emergency contact and medical details, for your swimming safety.

i. Purchase multiple swims in bulk, removing the need to remember money each time you swim.

iii. Log into your own area to view your swim history and see your improvements (you can also you’re your distance)

iv. Make your transactions and entry into the water much simpler, by bypassing the written sign-in process and replacing it with a quick scan

v. Join in the races set up by your lake.

vi. Allow the lake to contact you directly about important schedule changes and information.

vii. Enjoy discounts from all the NOWCA partners (Like Zone 3 wetsuits and H2open magazine)

***Guest Bands are available so you can bring friends along and cater for the casual swimmer***

3. Anyone wishing to swim as a Guest needs to complete an online indemnity form prior to entering the water. Click Here



- Well marked out 1000, 750 and 400 metre course

- Free parking - ideal location for triathletes who would like to go cycling after their swim and leave their cars. We are right on the edge of the Chiltern Hills, which are ideal for on and off road cycling

- Outdoor lake-side shower to rinse off after your swim

- Hot showers

- Toilet

- Kids Climbing Area - for those of you who would like to bring your families along while you swim

- There is a 2.2km cross country run loop around the lake
- Light refreshments will be available at each session




£6.25 Swim Session for NOWCA band holders. £52.50 for a book of 10 member swim session vouchers (non-transferable)

£7.50 For guests

Cold water guidelines for those times when it the water is between 10 and 12 degrees



There are a coaches that use the facilities but are only there when they have lessons. If this is of interest to you then please contact them directly.

Ali Hollest & Annie Oberlin-Harris -

Emma Keys -